An Overview of India’s perspective on Crypto

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India’s perspective on Crypto

India's way of looking at crypto - In comparison to other countries, India's perspective on Crypto shows just how much the interest of the world is growing, especially for owning investments.

Since India, especially see it as one of most active in the world in technological progress and entrepreneurship, has had a multi-faceted position in cryptocurrency adoption. From the very beginning, Indian government served as a big obstacle in the way of cryptocurrencies, voicing a number of concerns which they associated with money laundering and illegal activities.

India's perspective on Crypto
Bitcoin perspective

India’s perspective on Crypto

The RBI put forward strict regulations in the year 2018, with the banks currently being prohibited from offering the VSW services to cryptocrarry. This initiated doubt and take green visor at Indian cryptocurrency market.

Nonetheless, on 25th of March 2020, the Apex Court of India wiped off the ban by declaring it against the rudimentary structure and vision of our country. This landmark ruling has been welcomed within the Indian cryptocurrency society to some extent; that the sector had ceased to thrive as before this ruling; creating room for revival and the establishment of new and great opportunities.


From there; the country has several new cryptocurrency trading and investment related activities. The Indian residents yield cryptocurrencies as an investment option which be a great alternative to the traditional market; and might be considered as a hedge as well. Cryptocurrencies are garnering much attention for their power; to revolutionize the world with new technologies such as blockchain that attract a youthful; digital generation who crave daring new solutions.

Whether or not; crypto businesses will face global operations and how they should be regulated. The Indian government is now examining drafts of comprehensive cryptocurrency legislation. The bill has been put forward to meet the need of a clear and well-defined structure; for creating and organizing the crypto industry in India. It is believed that; a well-balanced regulatory structure could provide the supporting system for innovation. And at the same time control the dangers of innovations.

In addition; the mentioned Indian states are trying to use the technology for different purposes; like landmark registration and supply chain management among others. This is about the increasing acceptance of the fact, that the crypto and the blockchain technology can bring to India much spend on the digital front.

As the Indian government tends to show restraint in its stance toward cryptocurrencies; however, the country obviously wants to gradually take a step towards incorporating the new and emerging digital assets class in its financial system. As the dialogue among regulators, businesses and the crypto community is ongoing; there is every indication that the modalities of adapting this kind of digital currencies will be further shaped to suit the present and future market needs.


Through the course of next weeks; keep a track on evolving thought of cryptocurrency by the government of India and its consequent effects on the national Indian economy.

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